Antonio Brown’s impact on the Patriots

Antonio Brown’s impact on the Patriots

Antonio Brown’s drama is the Patriots problem

Antonio Brown hasn’t even played his first game yet and there’s more talk about his off-field antics that have nothing do to with football. Wednesday Belichick was only asked about Brown’s civil suit, not one question was about the Miami Dolphins. Probably because the Dolphins are a very bad team and the Patriots are favored by almost 20 points. The Patriots don’t need Antonio Brown as much as he needs them. All he cares about is himself and an easy way to get a Super Bowl ring. The Patriots don’t need Brown, they just put 30 points on the Steelers in Week 1 without him.

The Patriots don’t need Antonio Brown on the Patriots

Brown is worse than Randy Moss with his off the field antics and social media problems. He didn’t need to post he was working out at TB12 the other night on Instagram. I’m sure a lot of players work out there and don’t brag about it on social media. His antics with the Steelers and the Raiders aren’t going to work on the Patriots. They’ll be no tolerance for that, Belichick will cut him so fast because, again, they don’t need him. Belichick gave Brown a chance to be on winning team, and if there is any outburst he won’t last.

The last big-name receiver the Patriots got was Randy Moss, who was trouble but was also a playmaker. Social media was in its infancy in 2007 so who knows if Moss would post negative things about the teams he was on, but Brown can’t do that anymore. Belichick is famous for bringing in troubled guys and turning them straight. Part of how he does this is because the Patriots have the best chance to win the Super Bowl year after year.

Belichick will not take any antics from Brown

Antonio Brown will most likely play Sunday and did everything he could to end up on the Patriots. All he wants is a Super Bowl ring and the ball thrown to him. What better place to do that than the Patriots? Brady looked 24 last week against the Steelers, not 42. Roethlisberger looked more like a 42-year-old quarterback than Brady.

Brown’s impact on this team will be up to him. He can be willing to just stop the nonsense and play football or act out and be cut. He has the best role model in the league in Tom Brady, and the best coach and organization too. The talk will not be about the Dolphins tomorrow after the game, it will be how many times did Brown get the ball, and if he’s going to talk post game. The Patriots should beat the Dolphins by 30 points even though Brady has a hard time in Maimi. Brown will probably have a touchdown or two and boast about it on Instagram. Brown’s time with the Patriots could either be short-lived or successful, it’s up to him.