Brady talks Miami

Brady talks Miami

The Patriots have been able to dominate the league for 20 years home and away. Miami, however, is one place New England has struggled and nobody seems to know exactly why.

Miami is not Brady or Bill’s favorite place

Tom Brady starts off saying “Miami is a challenging place to play.” The Patriots are traveling there for Week 2 against his old coach and very poor roster. What concerns me is Super Bowl 54, since it is in Miami this year. The Pats won’t be playing Miami but I think it’s the venue not the team.

Brady and the Patriots are 7-10 when playing in Miami, compared to 19 losses in 135 games at home. Since 2006, with Brady as the starting QB, the Patriots are 66-5 at Gillette stadium (.930). The teams record in Miami since 2013 is 1-5 (.167).

The Dolphins always seem to find a way to disrupt Brady and company in Miami
Brady speaks on struggles in Miami

“We’ve had, for one reason or another, struggled over a lot of years. Brady spoke on Wednesday about his Week 2 road trip. “It’s a challenging place to play. I think it’s challenging when they come up here, and I think it’s challenging when we go down there.” Tom continues, “It’s just dealing with the elements and showing a lot of mental toughness.”

Last year may be a perfect example for me, and Tom seems to agree adding, “Last year I thought we played a pretty good game, but I think coach reiterates it’s 60 minutes.”

The final play of last years loss, the “Miami miracle” a 69 yard hook and ladder play.

“In football a lot of crazy things happen, these guys are extremely skilled and they’re great players.” (Maybe not so much this year) Brady said, “We can’t take our eyes off what the goal is, and that is playing a great 60 minutes of football against a team we always struggle with on the road.” “It’s a division game on the road early in the year, so it means a lot.”

The Pats will be fine in Miami during the regular season, but what about the Super Bowl

The Patriots are a huge favorite for Sunday’s game due to Miami’s struggles. The line is at 19.5 at this point and could go up even more. The difference this year comes from both teams, the Dolphins are coming off a beat down which led the players to reach out to their agents to find new homes. The Patriots are looking like a wagon on both sides of the ball, maybe the tides are turning.

Brady watches his TD pass while on the Miami turf

New England is the odds on favorite to win the Super Bowl this year, unfortunately the game is in Miami. There’s a couple things that could help with this issue of losing down there though, the game will be in February as usual. So if it’s the heat that kills the Pats, it shouldn’t be very hot at that time of year.

Another reason to be optimistic is the state of this Patriots team, the defense is looking great, maybe as good since 2004 with the offense as dangerous as ever. Only time will tell if the Patriots can overcome their issues on Sunday and more importantly on Super Sunday.

The Patriots defense is loaded and have added some big pieces on offense, Miami or not number 7 here we come.