Why Alex Cora Is Being Retained By The Boston Red Sox in 2020

Why Alex Cora Is Being Retained By The Boston Red Sox in 2020

A lot has happened over the last 48 hours or so with the Boston Red Sox. There was obviously the bombshell that hit late Sunday night with the deciding of firing Dave Dombrowski. Then, there was the unexpected event of having David Ortiz throw out the first pitch before the Red Sox-Yankees game last night. This came three months after his shooting in the Dominican Republic. People were even wondering if Alex Cora‘s job was on the line.

But, it just so happens that very recently, the Red Sox reported that they would retain Alex Cora as manager for the 2020 season.

With this being confirmed, let’s look at the main reasons as to why the Red Sox are retaining Alex Cora as manager.

The Connection In The Clubhouse

From day one Cora has wanted the clubhouse to change for the Red Sox players. I think he’s got that part down.

Keep in mind, this was back in 2017 when he originally started the job. At this point, players love having Cora around. He’s bilingual, which definitely helps bridge the gap between the American players and the international players. That’s something that gets undervalued a ton. He had his wall of wins, right up until the last World Series win. The point is that Cora keeps things fun in the clubhouse, while also having all of the player’s respect. A happy clubhouse is a good clubhouse. At this point, Alex Cora is the guy the Red Sox want leading the charge on the field. If that were to change suddenly, Red Sox ownership would have an unhappy clubhouse.

This Season Isn’t Entirely On Cora

If you think for a second this season is entirely Cora’s fault, then you haven’t been closely watching. Managers are only as good as the players that they are given. Yes, the Red Sox have a majority of the same team from last year. But, Cora cannot control the types of seasons that players will end up producing. J.D. Martinez isn’t have as big of a year as he did last season. Mookie Betts took a step back. The pitching staff isn’t performing to the level that they should be. Dave Dombrowski didn’t get help in the off-season or at the trade deadline. So you tell me in all of that where it is Alex Cora’s fault. Go ahead, tell me! Exactly, you can’t. Cora had everything go right last year. Sometimes, it’s just not your year and that’s what the Red Sox are going through currently.

He Won The World Series Last Year!!!!

Going into the 2018 season, everybody around baseball was wondering who would lead the charge for the Red Sox. John Farrell hadn’t gotten the job done since that magical 2013 season. But then, Alex Cora came along and did the unlikely. He won a World Series title in his first season as an MLB manager. He had it all come together. The pitching, the defense, the timely hitting, the bullpen in the playoffs; you name it, and it was good in the postseason. The Red Sox flat out dominated the Yankees, Astros, and Dodgers. Alex Cora is a special type of manager, and he proved he can win it all with a good, fundamentally sound ballclub. People forget it, but it did indeed happen!

Alex Cora is the right guy to lead this Red Sox team. He is smart, genuine, and as humble as they come. This would have been a real kick to the teeth if the team decided to announce his resignation. They are keeping something consistent in place. Now let’s get started on a quest back to the playoffs in 2020.

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