Looking Back At Dave Dombrowski’s Best Accomplishments With The Red Sox

Looking Back At Dave Dombrowski’s Best Accomplishments With The Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox had one goal when Dave Dombrowski came into the picture. What was that goal? Win a World Series. Obviously, we all saw what happened last season with the historic season the Red Sox displayed for us. However, all good things have to come to an end eventually. Late last night, the Red Sox announced that they have fired Dave Dombrowski.

This news comes as a surprise to some fans. It was definitely not a surprise to me. With that being said, let’s remember the good times we had with Dombrowski. Let’s look at Dave Dombrowski’s best accomplishments with the Boston Red Sox.

Acquiring Craig Kimbrel From The Padres

This was the first move that said, “Shoot, Dave Dombrowski is not messing around here!” Dombrowski knew he had a long way to go with this Red Sox team back when he started in 2015. One spot that he knew needed a major upgrade was their closer. So what did Dave Dombrowski do? He went out and got one of the best closers in the game in Craig Kimbrel. How did Kimbrel respond to being in Boston. Pretty well, some might say. Kimbrel was an All-Star in his three seasons in Boston, and converted 108 total saves. Doing the quick math, he averaged 36 saves a season during his tenure in Boston. Did he give us headaches at times? Absolutely. But, would I rather have had anyone else closing those games? Absolutely NOT! Kimbrel was a huge acquisition, and the Red Sox don’t win the 2018 World Series without him. Plain and simple.

Acquiring Chris Sale From The White Sox

This move was my favorite by far in the Dombrowski era. The Red Sox needed an ace in 2017, even after acquiring David Price the off-season before. One name that was on the market was Chris Sale. There was even a report that said Sale almost ended up with the St. Louis Cardinals. We all know that didn’t happen as the Red Sox pulled off the trade to bring Sale to Boston. Yoan Moncada was the big piece involved in the Sale trade. Despite the season Sale had this year, he has been great with the Red Sox overall thus far. 29 total wins, two All-Star appearances, and a 2.50 ERA in his first two seasons in Boston is pretty darn good. Yeah, he had an off year this year. It happens, it’s baseball. Sale will hopefully be back in 2020 healthier than ever and ready to get the Red Sox back to contending for a World Series title.

Winning The World Series

All the moves Dombrowski made paid off. The talent came together. He had a manager in Alex Cora that set the tone from day one. It was a magnificent season. Dombrowski got his first World Series title ever. He had the Tigers in 2013, he had the Marlins when they first existed, but never won the big one. Now, he has his title and it was because of the way he pieced together that 2018 team. We cannot be mad at that as Red Sox fans.

Dombrowski delivered what we wanted in this city: a championship. We knew what he was about. He’ll make big trades and deplete the farm system. He’ll leave you with a suspect bullpen. That’s the exact situation we’re looking at today. So once again, thank you Dave Dombrowski for helping bring another World Series title to Boston. But, it’s time to move on. It’s time for a new direction and new voice making the moves behind the scenes for the Red Sox.

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