The feat Brady and Belichick have not yet accomplished together

The feat Brady and Belichick have not yet accomplished together

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are the greatest quarterback and head coach duo in NFL history. At this point, that declaration is far from a hot take. I am sure you have come to that conclusion somewhere during this miraculous run of success. No matter what season, game, or play finally brought you to this conclusion, you have arrived. 

Maybe, as it was for me, it was Super Bowl XLIX that convinced you. As soon as Malcolm Butler intercepted that pass, many statements could no longer be said. Talking heads and other fan-bases could not cling to the fact that Brady and Belichick had not won since 2004. The 10 year championship drought had ended. 

The dominant play of Brady in the 4th quarter against “The Legion of Boom” was nothing short of legendary. Not to mention Bill Belichick pulled a Jedi Mind Trick on Pete Carrol and Seattle’s offense. Brady and Belichick finally had that elusive fourth ring. 

I have no doubt some of you came to this conclusion during Super Bowl LI. The Patriots had never looked so lost in a playoff game, let alone a Super Bowl, with these two at the helm. However, a thrilling and dramatic fourth quarter lead to the easiest prediction in the history of predictions. (Even Max Kellerman knew Brady was going to score a touchdown on that overtime drive.) 

A smaller number of you might have needed an all time Bill Belichick Super Bowl performance to obtain your vote. Brady had carried most of the load during the past three Super Bowls, leading the Pats to a 2-1 record. Belichick, on the other hand, was coming off the disaster of Super Bowl LII. He proceeded to shutdown the high flying Los Angeles Rams to three Super Bowl points. Brady then shut the door in the 4th after a so-so three quarters 

Brady and Belichick’s record sheet is longer than some religious doctrines. They have become one of the most dominant duos in history. They are up there with Lennon and McCartney and Peanut Butter and Chocolate. However, one accomplishment is left off their resumes. If they can accomplish this feat, even the most hardcore of Delfate-Gate truthers would have to admit they rein supreme. 

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have never blown out an opponent in the Super Bowl. Of New England’s six championships, all of them have been 10 point wins or less. As strange as it sounds, the most recent Super Bowl was the largest margin of victory. 

It has become customary for New England to have a collective heart attack during the first Sunday of February. The Patriots’ wins have come down to all sorts of stressful moments. Last second field goals, game saving interceptions, overtime touchdowns have all helped New England hoist the Lombardi Trophy. 

While these games have lead to high stakes and legacy defining moments, they have also given life for media members to play the “What-If Game”. Ah yes, these exciting, nail biting, down to the wire games have created millions of hypothetical football universes. Some even have Tom Brady 0-9 in Super Bowls. “Well if Pete Carroll had run the ball, the Seahawks win that game,” is a great one. “All the Falcons needed to do was not choke all over themselves,” is tremendous. 

Yes if different things happened there would have been different outcomes. Who knew!? (However, they will not let Patriots fans get away with similar “What-Ifs”, such as if David Tyree dropped the ball or Aaron Hernandez was not a criminal.) 

I do think if Brady and Belichick blew the doors off of some unfortunate opponent by 20 plus points in the Super Bowl, certain media members would have no choice but to give them credit. **Cough Cough, Rob Parker, Cough**. It would also let New England fans sit back, relax, and not suffer an aneurysm during the game. After all, if any fan-base needs to catch a break, it is Boston.

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Story by Chad Jones

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