The Only List of Best Patriots vs. Steelers!!

The Only List of Best Patriots vs. Steelers!!

When the Steelers roll into Gillette Stadium Sunday Night, they will be playing the Patriots to break the tie!! That’s right folks. It will be the 33rd matchup between the two teams and they currently each sit at 16 wins and 16 losses. The first 16 games of the matchup was decidedly one sided. The Patriots only managed four wins. This included a pair of overtime losses and a nail biting 6-7 loss in Pittsburgh. This bounced the Patriots from the playoffs in 1998.

So, as lopsided as the first half of the games have been, the second half has trended back towards the Patriots. Beginning in 1998 they have defeated the Steelers 12 times to 4 losses. In fact, Pittsburgh’s team has not won a playoff matchup since the ‘96 season. And out of those games we have some of our favorite moments: Anthony Smith’s guarantees, Antonio Brown’s viral moments and mad conspiracies about headsets.

Other articles about great Patriots vs. Steelers games will sprinkle in a loss or two to make it even. I won’t because losing sucks and I don’t want to read an article that shows some meaningless playoff loss to them. This list features my favorite wins over the Steelers.

November 3rd 2013

Patriots 55 Steelers 31

A highly entertaining game that saw both quarterbacks throw for a combined gajillion (about 50 less than the Chiefs and Rams shootout of recent memory) yards and eight touchdowns. Mind you this was not a bad Steelers team. The three headed monster at wide receiver Antonio Brown, Emmanuel Sanders and Jerricho Cotchery. Heath Miller still dangerous and Le’Veon Bell. In the end the defense couldn’t catch a cold in a New England winter. They managed to make Aaron Dobson look like the pass catcher we wished he would be.

September 10th 2015

Patriots 28 Steelers 21

What can be sweeter than a banner raising win? Hearing the Mike Tomlin complain about his headset not working and sowing conspiracy theories about the Patriots. It’s fine, really. I’d rather you spend your time thinking about how to Belichick-proof the headsets than actually game planning. It is appropriate that we take a moment and relive the Superman that Rob Gronkowski was in this game. Three touchdowns and 93 yards and some of the most wonderful Gronk spikes you will ever see. I’m going to miss that man.

AFC Championship Game
January 5th 1997

Patriots 28 Steeler 3

A Little retro football action right here. Fog bowl. Belichick as an assistant coach and the Big Tuna!! Curtis Martin would rush for three touchdowns before he would defect to the NY Jets the following season. Even rookie wide receivers got into the action, with Terry Glenn and his 53 yard catch. The Patriots would suffer a loss in the Super Bowl, but it would springboard the franchise to better things.

AFC Championship Game
January 23rd 2005

Patriots 41 Steelers 27

Can a football game be like an ice cream shop? It can when it has all the flavors. Your favorites all got involved. Corey Dillon, David Givens, and Deion Branch all put the ball into the endzone. Rodney Harrison brought back an interception and Adam Vinatieri was as exceptional as usual. The Patriots would go on and win their Super Bowl, and the second of the back to backs.

Thinking back on this game Patriots fans have been spoiled and its criminal that more players from this era are not in the hall of fame.

AFC Championship game
January 27th 2002

Patriots 21 Steelers 17

The one that started it all. Coming off of the heels of the controversial Tuck Rule game. In what could have been a disastrous “What might have been moment for the franchise” moment, Tom Brady goes down with an injury. Drew Bledsoe comes out in relief and propels the team to its second Super Bowl berth. Brady escaped serious injury and they win the first Lombardi for the organization. This is also a game that featured a punt return for a touchdown by Troy Brown, one my favorite players. 55 yards and a cloud of dust, high-stepping glory and the saunter into the end zone. The start of one of the greatest dynasties in sports history. And the Steelers have been a big part of it. Thank you Pittsburgh

What are your favorite Patriots vs. Steelers moments?

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