Jaylen Brown will Be an Elite Scorer for the Celtics

Jaylen Brown will Be an Elite Scorer for the Celtics

The Boston Celtics have a roster laden with young talent ready to break out this season. Guys like Jayson Tatum and Grant Williams are easy picks for breakout players. However, one Celtic stands to become an elite scorer with a higher ceiling than both. I present to you: Jaylen Brown

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Jaylen Brown's Startling Development

Much was made of the many NBA Players who pulled themselves from the FIBA World Cup, which enabled Jaylen Brown a chance to play for them. Since then, he has seemed to grow tremendously as a scorer. In Team USA's first couple of games, he demonstrated his ability to catch lobs and his tremendous slashing ability. He hasn't shied away from contact while driving to the rim, rectifying what was once a problem. His three-point shooting has stayed somewhat-consistent, while he only hits the at an average rate. He has also showed, on occasion, a better sense of floor vision and passing IQ, which may come from learning from more experienced teammates. Overall, the FIBA World Cup has done wonders for Jaylen Brown and his offensive repertoire.

TARRYTOWN, NY - AUGUST 7: Jaylen Brown #7 of the Boston Celtics poses for a photo during the 2016 NBA Rookie Shoot on August 7, 2016 at the Madison Square Garden Training Center in Tarrytown, New York.
All the opportunity to Succeed

Jaylen Brown is entering a contract year and has all the opportunity in the world to be successful. He will likely see starter's minutes this season. Big minutes aren't a new thing to Brown. He had a nice 2018 playoff run with starter's minutes as a member of an injury-riddled Celtics team. He averaged 18 ppg in that run. Now, Brown will have Kemba Walker and Jayson Tatum taking the attention from teams' top defenders. This gives him more mismatch opportunities to exploit with his offensive arsenal. He shot 37% from 3 in that 2018 run, and part of that was because ball movement got him open looks from beyond the arc. The team that has been constructed here is predicated on passing. With more open looks and defensive mismatches, Jaylen Brown will have tantalizing amounts of scoring opportunities this upcoming season.

BOSTON, MA. - SEPTEMBER 25: Celtics general manager and president Danny Ainge, left, and coach Brad Stevens watch during a preseason workout at the Boston Celtics' Auerbach Center training facility in Boston, Massachusetts on September 25, 2018. (Staff Photo By Christopher Evans/Boston Herald)
Top-Tier coaching

No player solely grows on his own. We have seen many players fall back upon coaches and former NBA stars to help work on their game. For Jaylen Brown, he is in a great position to succeed. Celtics head coach Brad Stevens is one of the greatest coaches in the NBA today. He will continue to lend Brown his knowledge and help him develop his game. The Celtics also brought in coach Kara Lawson, a former WNBA player, to help resonate with him as a young player. Forming a connection with Jaylen, and continued efforts in that area, will help Brown develop and continue to be receptive to coaching. With a never-ending list of former Celtics who would be glad to help Jaylen, all the stars seem to have aligned to make Brown an elite scorer.

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