Red Sox Twins Series Preview

Red Sox Twins Series Preview

This week’s schedule starts off with three games against the AL Central leading Minnesota Twins.

The more things change the more they stay the same. Before the Angels series we laid out the difficulty of the Red Sox path to the playoffs. They went 2-1 and ended up right where they started: 5.5 games back in the chase for the Wild Card.

Pitching Matchups/Schedule (TV)

9/3 Rick Porcello vs Randy Dobnak (NESN 7:10pm)

9/4 Eduardo Rodriguez vs Jose Berrios (NESN 7:10pm)

9/5 Nathan Eovaldi vs Martin Perez (NESN 7:10pm)

Notable Numbers

We’re going to focus on starting pitching, because as last series showed, the bullpen and offense can only do so much. Rick Porcello has a 4.50 ERA in the past 15 days. That’s a lot better than his 5.42 ERA for the year. Nathan Eovaldi has a 3.86 ERA over the past 15 days vs a 6.23 ERA for the year. Eduardo Rodriguez has a 2.25 15 day/3.97 year long ERA split.

The Minnesota Twins are at the beginning of September but they’ve already broken their season long Home Run record as a team.

What To Watch For

The Red Sox couldn’t ask for a better confluence of positive events. The bullpen (outside of Ryan Brasier) is clicking. The offense is killing it. And now the starters, such as they are, are coming around. The team has the chance to put it all together and just might do it at Fenway.

Standings Update

The Red Sox are still 5.5 games back of the second Wild Card, but the teams have changed a little bit. The Rays have taken the lead in the pole position and the Indians have dropped back. Here are the standings for the second Wild Card:

  1. Cleveland 80-58
  2. Oakland 78-58 1 game back
  3. Boston 74-63 5.5 games back
Series Expectations

The Twins are leading the Central, but the Indians were surging too before they met a team from the AL East in the Tampa Bay Rays and got swept over the weekend. If the Red Sox have any chance of catching the Rays, among others, they have to start sweeping series. The Sox have the horses to do it, but Minnesota’s offense might be too much.

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