When the time is right the Patriots will make a change at quarterback

When the time is right the Patriots will make a change at quarterback

Don’t worry about making a change at quarterback yet

What Tom Brady has done for the past 20 years is something nobody has done before. He’s won championships, battled injuries, and continues to try and be the best quarterback he can be. He pushes himself to still be the best even though he already is. Brady has repeatedly stated he wants to play until the age 45, which is four more years. With this being the last contract year with the Patriots will Brady retire early than he said, play for another team, or play for the Patriots next year? Belichick isn’t afraid of trading players early, accept when it comes to Brady, Kraft won’t let Belichick trade him.

Enjoy what we have left of the Patriots dynasty

Without a doubt, Brady is bigger than the team even though no one on the Patriots will admit that. In 2014 when Jimmy Garoppolo was drafted, Brady stepped up his game and won two Super Bowls while Garoppolo was with the Patriots. Belichick traded Garoppolo to the 49ers ,and Brady has since won another Super Bowl. Meanwhile Garoppolo comes off a season-ending injury from last year. Everything is in Brady’s favor. Really the ball is in his court as to when he’ll be finished playing. That is why when the time is right they’ll be a change at quarterback, that could be next year, two years, or three years. As usual with the Patriots, at the right time they’ll make a change. Jarrett Stidham has had a decent preseason so far, and looks like he’ll be taking the backup quarterback position.

Belichick and Brady have had a great run as coach and quarterback

With Belichick and Brady, the partnership as coach and quarterback has been up and down. But in the end, they share the same goal: Winning. Belichick has stated he wouldn’t want to have any other quarterback than Tom Brady, but I think if he had the chance to win a Super Bowl without Brady for a year he would. That would really stamp Belichick’s legacy, winning a championship without Brady. If Jarrett Stidham were the quarterback now they’d still win the division and be high in the AFC Conference.

In a newly released survey, New England fans voted 50 percent that Brady will be the Quarterback for two more seasons. Also, 29 percent voted that Brady would be the Quarterback in three years. That means 50 percent believe Brady will be the Quarterback for the Patriots until 44 years old. He’s not Joe Montana, who went to Kansas City. Or Brett Favre, who kept going in and out of retirement. The question remains: Would he want to end his career with another team? My answer is no, not after what he’s accomplished, but only he really knows that answer.

So for now, Patriots fans should just enjoy what we have left of this incredible two-decade run. When the time comes for the Patriots to make the change at quarterback they will. As someone once told me, ride the wave. In this case, the Patriots wave and enjoy what we have left of this remarkable dynasty.