David Andrews Hospitalized due to Blood Clot (Updated)

David Andrews Hospitalized due to Blood Clot (Updated)

When it comes to being the heart and soul of a team, there is perhaps no better example than David Andrews. Often an underrated and overlooked piece of this Patriots team, Andrews brings the passion both on and off the field. However, it sadly seems like this season will feature a Patriots team without David Andrews for a significant amount of time.

Medical Emergency

The reports are currently stating that Andrews was hospitalized because of blood clots found in his lung.

It is not yet known what the timetable for Andrews is, but as is fairly obvious, he is expected to miss a significant amount of time. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this issue though; ex-NBA Star Chris Bosh had to retire because of a medical problem that led to the same issue – blood clots in his lung. Hopefully, that won’t be the case for David Andrews.

Career Implications

Obviously, the primary concern is Andrews’ health and not when he can return. But it’s worth taking a look at the implications that this issue might have on his career. Playing four seasons in the NFL, Andrews has established himself as one of the best Centers in pro football. He’s won two championships with New England and has done a great job at protecting Brady. Per Jeff Howe, “Brady has credited Andrews as being able to see the game through the same view, allowing him to relay the blocking signals at the line of scrimmage.” Looking at the job he’s done and the trust he’s earned from the greatest quarterback to ever play in just a few seasons, it’s clear that Andrews has such a bright future ahead in the NFL.

Prayers Up

The Patriots clearly took a hit to what was, and still is, a stacked offense. However, Andrews’ health and well-being is the absolute top priority and concern for him, the Patriots, and the fans.

David, if you happen to read this by any chance, all of Boston and its fans worldwide wish you nothing but the best. You’re in our thoughts and prayers. Stay strong.


David Andrews has reportedly been released from the hospital after being treated for the blood clots. He’s not completely out of the woods at this point, but with his health being the primary focus, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

Story updated as of 8:27 AM CST on August 27, 2019

Story by Darshan Shaastri

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