My interactions with former WEEI host and writer Alex Reimer might surprise some

My interactions with former WEEI host and writer Alex Reimer might surprise some

Earlier this week, I wrote about Alex Reimer leaving WEEI. Today, I am sharing my personal experience with Reimer. You might learn about a side to him you did not know existed.

Last fall, I had to write a profile on somebody interesting for a journalism class. Being interested in sports media, I direct messaged Alex Reimer on Twitter and asked if I could write the assignment on him. He agreed, and I ended up meeting with him three times, twice for interviews and once I sat in studio and watched him host WEEI at Night. 

He was willing to talk about his past mistakes and was candid during his answers. Also, Reimer was very open about everything that transpired after his infamous comment regarding Tom Brady’s daughter. He was a great person to talk to for the assignment. However, he went above and beyond a couple times during the process. 

As I briefly wrote earlier, Reimer let me sit in the studio and watch him host a show. I spent the Friday night of November 9th sitting in WEEI’s studio. For four hours, I sat and watched Reimer host the show, take calls, and later banter with Patriots reporter Andy Hart. It was really interesting to see how he acted and carried himself while on the air.  

Also, on one December morning, Reimer, Mut, and Callahan talked on the air about the profile I wrote to close out a “Mut and Callahan”. I was a fan of WEEI’s morning show, in all variations, since high school. My first real taste of consuming Boston sports media was listening to the station’s morning programs. I became infatuated with the shows. I spent countless hours listening and laughing to “Dennis & Callahan”, “Kirk & Callahan”, and “Mut & Callahan”.  Hearing my name and work mentioned over WEEI’s airwaves was nothing short of surreal. 

Not to mention, Reimer got me in contact with multiple Boston media members. I talked to Steve Buckley, Gerry Callahan, Kirk Minihane, John Tomase and producer Chris Curtis. It was an unreal experience speaking to all of them, especially Callahan and Minihane. Both of them are a huge reason why I am pursuing a career in sports media. I am fairly certain you would not be reading this article right now if I never heard their show. 

So you might not like Reimer because of his comment on Brady’s daughter. You might find him annoying, or even unlistenable, and I understand that. I remember enjoying him on “Kirk & Callahan”, but he could definitely be irritating at times. But really, that was his job. He certainly did not have, or want, all of the audience supporting him all of the time. Media members are supposed to cause a reaction from the audience, either positive or negative. Reimer understood that as well as anyone. 

Yes Reimer could absolutely get your blood boiling over the dial. However, he gave me more of his time than he needed to. He talked to me like an equal, not a college kid writing an assignment. We discussed the sports media business, and he gave me some really valuable insight. I will never forget how well Alex Reimer treated me and how much time he gave me when he certainly did not have to.

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Story by Chad Jones

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