The Patriots will be in the Super Bowl in Miami

The Patriots will be in the Super Bowl in Miami

Nobody will Stop the Patriots
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The Patriots seem to every single year make the Super Bowl. Don’t expect that to change this year either. They have the easiest path to Super Bowl LIV in Miami. and with Andrew Luck announcing his retirement you can mark the Patriots down for the AFC Championship game. The Patriots seem to have the easiest schedule every year and it’s not their fault. The competition is bad and they’re better than everyone else. The AFC East is so bad too. Since 2000 Belichick and Brady have outlasted every Coach and Quarterback in the division. They also haven’t lost a regular-season home game to a division opponent since 2006. That’s insane.

The Patriots are better than everyone else

According to CBS Sports, the Patriots do in fact have the easiest path to Super Bowl LIV. The Patriots open at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday Night Football, which is an advantage. They start the season automatically 6-0 or 5-1 because you play each team in the division twice. There’s always that one game in Miami the Patriots lose, just remember last year. But really it’s on the Dolphins, Bills, and Jets for not getting any talent to keep up with the Patriots. It’s been going on for two decades why would it change now?

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are the only Coach-Quarterback combo still together since 2000

The toughest home game this season for the Patriots is when Kansas City comes to New England on December 8th. By that point, the Patriots should be leading the AFC East by a long shot and getting ready for January. The Patriots can start 2-2 or 1-2 in September and still come out on top when the season is all done. It’s just another season of the Patriots being on top and everyone outside New England annoyed at the fact the Patriots are the best at what they do.

I hate to say it but the Patriots are the New York Yankees of football. Bill Belichick is Joe Tore and Tom Brady is Derek Jeter. Every year they win and come out on top and are despised for it. That is because Belichick holds standards that no other coach does, in the AFC East or in the NFL. The AFC, in general, is a horrible conference. You can name only three quarterbacks that are decent in the AFC. Brady, Mahomes, and Roethlisberger. Those three are the top, but Brady is always, and always will be, first. For coaches it’s Belichick one and Andy Reid two and that’s a big drop off. Reid hasn’t come close to the success Belichick has had.

People that hate will just have to watch them continue to dominate and beat everyone they face. Instead of complaining about it, their teams should do something different or get better to compete with the Pats. Belichick and Brady seem to have all the answers and will continue to do so. They aren’t cheating, they just are better than everyone else and have proven it. They will raise their sixth banner on opening night and make another run at Super Bowl LIV.