Boston Bruins prospect watch: Zach Senyshyn

Boston Bruins prospect watch: Zach Senyshyn

After unexpectedly being taken by the Boston Bruins in the first round of the 2015 NHL entry draft, prospect Zach Senyshyn’s NHL career hasn’t taken off quite as much as the Bruins organization might have expected. Nonetheless, Senyshyns future is still very bright.

Time will do its thing one way or the other

It came as a surprise to just about all Bruins fans when the Bruins drafted Senyshyn 15th overall in 2015. Most who are still upset with the pick are upset because Matthew Barzal was selected with the next pick by the Islanders. Although Barzal has had a pretty stellar career so far, only time will tell who has the better career when all four skates are hung up.

Barzal had his first shot at NHL hockey in 2017. Two full seasons before Zach Senyshyn got his. At the time Zach Senyshyn was drafted, Peter Chairelli was the GM of the Boston Bruins. Chairelli was notoriously known for not giving young talent an opportunity to prove themselves. Especially in the middle of the season. That plus the talented group of forwards that the Bruins had at the time, Senyshyn’s ceiling was limited.

The time is now

Given the Boston Bruins lack of depth on the wings coming into this season, Senyshyn will get his shot. Although his shot will not come easy. With 8 winger spots in the lineup and four of them essentially already filled by Brad Marchand, David Pastrnak, Danton Heinen and Jake DeBrusk, there might only be four spots up for grabs. That’s if Don Sweeney and Bruce Cassidy don’t have enough faith in veterans Chris Wagner, Joakin Nordstrom, and David Backes. The only true position battle might come at the fate of Brett Ritchie.

Controlling of destiny

Zach Senyshyn controls his own destiny. With the need for scoring, Senyshyn could very well be the Bruins guy come seasons commencement. If he performs well enough in camp and plays well enough in the preseason, Bruce Cassidy can’t ignore him. Zach Senyshyn has always shown the ability to be able to put the puck in the net. With the possibility of skating along side David Krejci or Charlie Coyle at the NHL level, or even with other top line talent in camp, the scoring opportunities will certainly come.

The biggest downfall for Zach Senyshyn was his inconsistency. Its almost like his head just isn’t in the game at times. With the amount of young talent that will be relentlessly fighting for a roster spot this fall, Senyshyn has little to no room for inconsistent play. Whether it be scoring goals, making plays and providing assists, or solid play defensively, Senyshyn will have to stick out from the group of prospects, as well as gel will with the guys at the NHL level, in order to create himself a roster spot this season.

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