2020 Pitching Options For The Red Sox

2020 Pitching Options For The Red Sox

The 2019 season for the Boston Red Sox is coming to a rapid end. The 2018 World Series champions will likely miss the playoffs, unless they get really hot come September. With that being said, one area of concern for the Red Sox going into 2020 is their starting rotation. Chris Sale‘s future is unknown. David Price is getting older. Nathan Eovaldi is still battling injuries that have hurt his career thus far. Eduardo Rodriguez hasn’t taken that jump to an elite starter. Rick Porcello more than likely won’t be back next year. So with all of this being surfaced, what options do the Red Sox have going into the off-season? Here are a few signings the Red Sox can consider for the 2020 season.

Gio Gonzalez

Gio Gonzalez can be an interesting signing for the Red Sox in 2020. Of course, this would not be a long-term deal. The Red Sox could probably get Gonzalez cheap on a one year deal. He’s shown he can be an All-Star in both leagues as he was an All-Star for the Athletics in 2011, and for the Nationals in 2012. His ERA hasn’t been bad either, as he had a 2.13 ERA in 2018 in five starts with the Brewers. The ERA is up to 3.64 this season, but that would be leading all of Red Sox pitching. Again, this doesn’t have to be a five year contract. It can be a bridge contract until the Red Sox are convinced that Chris Sale is fully healthy and the starting rotation can prosper in the near future.

Felix Hernandez

You’re probably thinking, “Al, what are you even talking about here?!” Well, this is Felix Hernandez we’re talking about here. This is the same man that won the 2010 American League CY Young award. Now yes, his numbers the last three seasons with the Mariners have not been great. However, I personally think Hernandez is due for a change of scenery. He has been with the Mariners since 2005 and put up good numbers for quite a while. It doesn’t hurt for the Red Sox to at least take a look into signing Hernandez for the short-term. I know the ERA is high, but that just means he’d fit right in! On a serious note, being with a different pitching coach could be exactly what “King Felix” needs. He has the stuff, so why not at least make a call?

Gerrit Cole

This is the pipe dream. This is the reach that the Red Sox should be smart, yet aggressive about. Gerrit Cole has been sensational in the Astros rotation for the past two seasons. He’s been an All-Star the past two seasons and kept his ERA under three. He’s proven he can pitch well in the American League. So, why not make a bid at Cole if you’re the Red Sox? If you somehow convince Gerrit Cole to sign, then your potential top three starters are Sale, Cole, and Price. You’re telling me you wouldn’t want those three guys in a divisional series? You’d be INSANE if you told me otherwise.

There are options on the board for the Red Sox. These are not the only three, but these are very enticing. The Red Sox need starting pitching help and the off-season will be the time to go out and get it. It depends how badly they want it. Do they want to go back to the World Series or do they want to spend another season being barely above .500? That sounds like a pretty easy choice to me!

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