Brady’s Offense is Scary

Brady’s Offense is Scary

Tom Brady’s offense is starting to look scary; let’s look at the wide receivers. This year the Patriots drafted a WR in the first round, something Belichick has never done before. The first round pick N’keal Harry is a big bodied jumpball receiver with enormous potential.

Harry has shown he can catch anything thrown his way

The Rookie needs to gain Brady’s trust and stay healthy

N’keal Harry showed what he can do in the Patriots first preseason game, with a couple of eye opening catches. The wide receiver unfortunately has been dealing with a minor leg injury. Harry has had trouble practicing after getting up limping against Detroit, but reports are that he will be ready to go week 1.

The Arizona State star won’t be playing in the final two preseason games as the Patriots want him ready to go against Pittsburgh. There’s a possibility it may take him a few weeks to get up to speed with Brady but I don’t think chemistry will be a problem between the two. Harrys ceiling is limitless and Brady knows he can count on Harry coming down with 50/50 balls as Gordon did last year. He will quickly emerge as a top WR in the league.

Back shoulder throws from Tom Brady will be unstoppable

Sticking with the Rookies Jakobi Meyers is looking like a veteran

Meyers has been impressing everyone since he arrived

Jakobi Meyers started his football career at North Carolina State, not as a WR but a quarterback. Meyers then converted to a WR just a week before his second year started and thats where he did his damage.

Another big WR at 6’2” weighing 203 pounds played his final season in 2018 and didn’t miss a game. The one time QB turned WR finished the year with 92 receptions, 1,047 yards and 4 touchdowns.

The Patriots possibly found a diamond in the rough with this 22 year old as he has been making amazing plays all summer long. He didn’t slow down once the preseason games started either hauling in 2 TDs against the Lions. The undrafted free agent is doing all the right things and is a lock to make the roster. The way he speaks at post game conferences would make you think he’s been a Patriot for years.

Meyers is my MVP of the preseason and he will be a playmaker throughout his first year in the NFL. Two rookies, two studs and Brady must be loving every minute of this. The GOAT deserves it.

Everything is falling into place

Brady’s go-to guy is off the NFI list

Edelman is the Patriots most reliable wide receiver, and nobody has Brady’s trust like Jules does. Coming off an MVP performance in last years SB win, Edelman will look to continue being the tough, uncoverable weapon he’s always been. Brady’s numbers drop significantly without Edelman, thankfully he is back and ready to go. Edelman is an obvious lock to make the team, that goes without saying.

Brady’s one time rival is now a teammate

Edelman isn’t the only veteran that has returned to the practice field, there’s another big man looking to bounce back from an Achilles tear. Demaryus Thomas has been moved from the PUP list and onto the active roster. Thomas is another WR I consider a lock as long as he stays healthy, and will give Brady another big target.

TB to DT has a nice ring to it

The amount of talent at the WR spot is going to be a challenge for guys to make the roster, and Thomas could be a guy who doesn’t make the cut. The talent is there with him and he’s been rehabbing like crazy which is why I think he makes the 53 man roster.

Tom Brady wants him on the team, he’s witnessed how good Thomas can be with a legit QB. This has all happened so fast with Edelman and Thomas returning giving this team a huge boost when earlier in the summer the WR group was a big concern.

Flash is back, Brady’s pumped

The biggest boost and most shocking announcement came from our old pal Roger Goodell.

Josh Gordon was reinstated and has no further suspension which is huge. The troubled WR will add to an already crowded group of receivers while trying to stay on the field. The Patriots love Josh and want to see him happy and healthy, he loves football and was very productive last year before leaving to help himself.

Flash looks happy to be back

Gordon May have his demons off the field, stemming from his childhood but he’s not your typical diva WR. He keeps to himself and stays out of trouble, he’s another beast who Brady trusts.

The Patriots certainly have their hands full with so many talented WRs, there will be some difficult decisions to be made in the coming weeks. These five WRs are my picks to make the roster, the Pats usually keep six including Mathew Slater who is a lock due to his special teams talent.

The tough choices come down to Meredith, Berrios, Dorsett and Harris. The Patriots may choose to go with 7 WRs this year considering the risk of injuries or suspensions to one of the 5 locks I’ve described.

This group is deep, talented and will be deadly in the redzone. Josh McDaniels has the potential to lead an all time great offense if everything keeps trending the way it has been. That isn’t something anyone was thinking just a couple months ago, it’s been a complete 180 from where the Pats WRs were before.

Patriots opponents will have their hands full with this group, and with Tom Brady as their QB I expect everyone’s game to go to another level.