Chris Sale Does NOT Need Tommy John Surgery…Thank Goodness

Chris Sale Does NOT Need Tommy John Surgery…Thank Goodness

The Boston Red Sox 2019 season has not been the greatest. It seems that there is always something going wrong. They lose to bad teams, they lose their players to injury, etc. The latest case has been left-handed starting pitcher Chris Sale. Sale has been shaky this year and there is no denying that. Of course, when he has started pitching well; he goes on the injured list. People were saying there was a possibility of Sale needing Tommy John. When the Red Sox sent Sale to see Dr. James Andrews, the possibility became more realistic. Fortunately today, it was announced that Sale would not need Tommy John surgery.

With this news now out for everyone to breathe easier about and rejoice in, here are a few things to think about.

This Is Great For Chris Sale

This news is obviously great for Chris Sale first and foremost. Sale has been competitive, accountable, and passionate since his first start with the Red Sox back in 2017. This is a guy that obviously loves the city of Boston and loves his teammates. If he had to get the surgery, that would have been a big blow to him and the organization. If Sale had been a jerk throughout his tenure in Boston to this point, then reactions might be a little bit different. But make no mistake about it, he hasn’t been a problem at all so far with the Red Sox. So at this point in the season, some rest on his arm wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

This is Great For The Red Sox

Obviously, this is great news for the Red Sox and their entire organization. If Sale was out for 2019 AND 2020, then there would have been some serious problems. You would have had to make a trade or another big signing just to make the pitching staff respectable. Plus, look at the pitchers for the Red Sox going into next season. Rick Porcello is most likely not going to be returning. Eduardo Rodriguez has been the same every season and doesn’t take the next step forward like we all think he will. David Price is getting older. Nathan Eovaldi is battling back from injury this season and who knows if he’ll hold up next season. The Red Sox need Sale in the rotation. I don’t care if he’s struggling a little bit this season. You NEED Chris Sale in that rotation by any means necessary.

This Is Great For The Fans

A lot of fans like myself love Chris Sale. He’s pretty easy to like when he’s on your side. Sale signed long-term in Boston for a reason: to have a chance to consistently win. Another reason was the city itself. It’s clear that Sale loves the city and the city has loved him too. Fans will be able to root for Sale and have an ace to call their own for the next several seasons.

In Conclusion

This is big news for everyone involved. Tommy John surgery is a grind to come back from, just ask any pitcher who has had the surgery. Sale needs to be in this rotation and be dominant for the Red Sox to have a chance season in and season out. The Red Sox organization dodged a huge bullet. Usually, a trip to James Andrews almost guarantees the worst news possible. In this situation, the Red Sox lucked out big time. Now, the solution is obvious. Shut down Sale for the rest of the 2019 season and bring him back fresh in 2020. Get ready for next season and have Sale be 100% ready to go.

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