Alex Reimer is leaving WEEI

Alex Reimer is leaving WEEI

WEEI host and columnist Alex Reimer is departing the radio station for the world of politics. The controversial 28 year-old personality will become Massachusetts State Senator Eric Lesser’s Communications Director. Reimer has worked at WEEI since October of 2016. He was often a third host on the morning shows “Kirk & Callahan” and “Mut and Callahan”.

Reimer wrote his final column for WEEI about his decision. “I never imagined doing anything else in my life besides working in sports radio — as weird as that may sound,” Reimer wrote. 

Reimer mentioned that while in high school, he would stay awake and edit his Red Sox podcast until early the next morning. “In college, I once recorded said podcast on an empty bench outside my dormitory,” Reimer recalled. “The abyss needed to hear my take on Bobby Valentine’s disastrous summer.” 

Reimer wrote about how he used to fall asleep watching west coast baseball. Also, he could list off of every active MLB player. However, he wrote that those days are gone. 

“At this stage in my life, I am more apt to live-tweet Rachel Maddow than tomorrow nights’ Red Sox game,” Reimer wrote. He would then write how it feels strange to move on from a life-long goal. 

“But it is weird leaving something you have always wanted to do,” he would go on to write. “I was able to work my dream job; few people are able to say that.” Reimer also acknowledged the good that comes out of bad times.  

“My first fall with ‘Kirk and Callahan’ coincided with my first full year out of college, and thus, my journey into young adulthood,” Reimer wrote. “You learn a lot about yourself when you scew up within earshot of tens of thousands of people, such as violating a friend’s trust or saying something incredibly stupid about a beloved quarterback’s child.” Reimer seems to understand how fortunate he was to do this job for over two and a half years.

“For the last 31 months, I woke up every day and was paid to give my opinions on the topics of the day,” Reimer wrote. “That is pretty cool. I hope I appreciate it enough.” Reimer also went on “The Greg Hill Show” and said this might not be a final goodbye. 

“Narcissism never rests Greg. So down the line, once I get settled, I think you may be hearing me on these airwaves again,” Reimer said.

Now Reimer endures quite a bit of criticism from listeners on social media. Tweeters often mock him due to his shrill voice, liberal views, and of course, infamous comment regarding Tom Brady’s daughter. However, on this day, many of Reimer’s peers weighed in on him; Steve Buckley, John Tomase, and Gerry Callahan all had something to say about Reimer on Twitter. 

Regardless of what you think about Reimer, you have an opinion of him. Many media members do not want to see mean tweets or texts come their way. However, Reimer never backed down from his stance. He regularly got into heated debates on WEEI’s morning shows, but Reimer didn’t want it any other way.

(Later this week, I will share my personal experience with Alex Reimer. You might read about a side of Reimer you did not know existed.)

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Story by Chad Jones

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