What’s next for Rob Gronkowski?

What’s next for Rob Gronkowski?

Rob Gronkowski will announce what his plan is next week 


The Patriots are a different team without Rob Gronkowski. He was a great tight end and one of Tom Brady’s favorite targets. As Gronkowski retired in the offseason there’s been speculation as to what Gronkowski will do next. There’s wrestling, movies, and return to playing football. I doubt he’s coming back as he’s not in the same shape he was when he retired from the game. We can have fun though as to what he’ll do next as he reveals his next chapter on August 27th at a press conference in New York.

A Gronk reality show would draw many viewers and sponsers

Gronkowski would be great at a Gronk reality show with his girlfriend and brothers. It could be like “Tom Vs. Time,” which gave an inside on Tom Brady outside of football. A Gronk show could work similarly for Gronkowski. Wrestling is also an option for Gronk but there is also injury risk that comes with that. He’s really lost some weight since retiring from football. 

Will Gronk return to the Patriots late in the season?

Gronk could announce he may return to the Patriots later in the season and that he just needs some short time away from football. The offense is weaker than the defense and without Gronk it’s worse. He could come back when the Patriots need him the most after Thanksgiving, in time for the playoffs, to try and make another Super Bowl run. He was a big factor in key moments season and most importantly in the Super Bowl, not only making big receptions but also providing great blocking.

The possibilities are endless for Gronk as he decides what to do next. However, he’s not a great actor whereas someone like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is, so I don’t see him doing a fictional movie. But going back to a previous point, a Gronk reality show would draw many viewers and sponsors. He’s a party animal and loves to be where the party is. 

Gronk does great charity work

Gronk may announce an event benefiting the Gronk Youth Foundation, which is dedicated to inspiring youth to reach their maximum potential through sports, education, community and fitness. He holds a ProCamp every year which draws a lot of kids out who then get a chance to play football with Gronk and learn the fundamentals of the game. He does great charity work in general and visits the Boston Children’s Hospital often to visit sick kids. 

In reality, him returning to football seems like a long shot but it’s possible. If he trains and gets into football shape he could return, depending how the Patriots are doing and also how he feels. I don’t seem him being an analyst for ESPN or NFL Network; I think he’d sound like Jason Witten when he was on ESPN. He’s more of an action type of person and isn’t really made for Sunday NFL Countdown. I see him doing a reality show aired on Facebook Watch that gives an inside on Gronk’s lifestyle that will draw millions of viewers and special guests.