Why Ryan Brasier Deserves Another Shot

Why Ryan Brasier Deserves Another Shot

Ryan Brasier struggled through the start of summer, that’s no secret. After a dominant 2018 with a 1.60 ERA, he’s followed it up with a 4.46 and a demotion to AAA in mid-July.

However, I don’t believe the ERA tells the full story on Brasier. The final game he pitched in for Boston before being sent down, he gave up four runs and only recorded two outs.

Obviously, this is going to make his ERA inflate, which it did. It entered the night at a respectable 3.63, and when the game was finished, it ballooned to the number we see today if 4.46. That one tough outing for Brasier makes things look a lot worse than they really were.

Before that four run blowup against Toronto, he was actually pitching fairly well. In his last 12 games going into that night, he had only given up four runs total. A 3.27 ERA and just a .238 opponent’s BAA over that 12 game stretch, something the Red Sox could definitely use right now.

What He’s Done in Pawtucket

Since being demoted about a month ago, Ryan Brasier has been dominant in AAA. He’s pitched in nine games to the tune of an ERA under one. He’s given up just one home run, a solo shot, and that’s it. One run in 9.1 innings, to go along with one, singular walk.

Things seemed to have straightened out completely for Brasier in Pawtucket. Like I said, I believe his Major League struggles were overstated and that he wasn’t really pitching that poorly. However, seeing him return to a dominant form in AAA, as opposed to the slightly above-average Brasier the Red Sox had the first half of the season, is a good feeling.

Ryan Brasier pitching for Pawtucket Red Sox

This team is still hanging around in the Wild Card chase. The durability and skill of the bullpen will be the most important factor on where this team’s season heads.

Bring Back Ryan

Ryan Brasier should not have been sent down in the first place. The Red Sox don’t have some wide variety of bullpen options at the disposal. They have very few actually. Brasier had hit a little rough spot relative to what he’s done before for Boston. Still, he was never bad enough to be out of the bullpen completely.

He will be back this season. September 1st at the latest. I feel he’s earned his way back up with his performances in triple A, and the apparent fixes to his control and mechanics.

Boston came into this season with the intention of Brasier being paired with Matt Barnes at the backend of the pen. Brandon Workman has worked his way into that conversation as well. However, the re-addition of Brasier can definitely help the Red Sox on their way (hopefully) back up the standings.

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