There’s hope for Josh Gordon

There’s hope for Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon has been very quiet as he tries to get right mentally and physically to play football again. The Patriots could really use Gordon this year, but as of right now he’s still suspended indefinitely. Could things be changing? Let’s see what’s been going on lately.

NFL no longer trying to ban players for Marijuana-Can this help Gordon?
Gordon has been quietly putting in work

Josh Gordon has a chance to come back and play the game he loves once again. The decision comes from Roger Goodell, but his reinstatement rests squarely on Gordon’s shoulders. The NFL seems to be backing off its stance against weed and other recreational drugs. Gordon is and still has to continue putting in work physically and mentally. He will be persuading Roger Goodell for another chance.

Gordon’s health is top priority

The new thinking by the NFL could certainly help Gordon get back in the mix, but he has to really want it this time. First and foremost, everyone associated in the NFL wants to see Josh get right mentally. Above all else that’s all that really matters. But this is a sports site so we have to take a look at the sports aspect of his situation, and as of now things could be looking up for Gordon.

Gordon might have a shot this year

According to Jay Glazer there has been a major change on the NFL side of this situation.

“The NFL has changed their tune, they’re no longer trying to ban guys from the NFL for these recreational drugs, especially marijuana.” (Said Glazer) “ They realize (the NFL) that a lot of them are using it for mental health and anxiety issues. They’re not trying to be like they were in the past, which was zero tolerance.” Glazer finished saying “They’re trying to be more understanding these days.”

Let’s face it The Pats need Gordon

Yes the Patriots went on to win the super bowl without Gordon last year, but when he was here he was the best WR on the team statistically.

Let’s face it, the WR group heading into week two of the preseason is not something to be desired. Sure Julian Edelman is still here, and he’s a beast, but then who? Rob Gronkowski is gone, and Ben Watson is going to miss a month to start the season. Gordon being reinstated would be a major upgrade to anything the Pats are working with now.

This is the time of year everyone loses their minds over the talent at the WR group, and then media wonders why Brady looks a little off. It’s pretty simple, as of right now we have Edelman and rookie N’Keal Harry as locks to make the team. Other than those two, everyone is fighting for a spot. Jakobi Meyers has been a stud so far, but for every promising talent like him there’s a Gunner Olszewski who’s running with the first team.

Gordon is needed and he knows it, he’s been hiding out, training, and doing everything right so he can help this group of ‘what ifs’ at WR.

Reinstatement for Gordon doesn’t mean he will be playing against Pittsburgh though. Goodell could decide he deserves another chance, but Gordon will still be facing a suspension to start the season. This situation is tricky with many factors determining the outcome, so right now all we can do is wait and see what happens. One thing is for sure in my mind, Josh Gordon wants to play. Roger Goodell has the last say but it seems like things are changing for the better.