2020 Red Sox Headlines To Pay Attention To Closely

2020 Red Sox Headlines To Pay Attention To Closely

The 2019 Boston Red Sox have been well…underwhelming to say the least. Mathematically speaking, the Red Sox can still technically make a run at the second Wild Card spot. But at this point of this season, it seems unlikely that they catch teams ahead of them such as the Rays or Athletics. With that being said, a lot of fans are looking ahead to the 2020 season already. When it’s all said and done, what are the main headlines to pay attention to once that particular season starts? Well, look no further as I have you covered for some potential Red Sox headlines to pay attention to during the 2020 season.

Mookie Betts

This is going to be the most talked about headline going into the 2020 season. Will Mookie Betts stay? Will Mookie Betts go elsewhere? Is there even a possibility that Mookie Betts could be traded? The weird part is that all three answers to these questions are the same: yes! Betts is going into his third year of arbitration in 2020. Both Betts and the Red Sox front office have had issues in the past when it comes to the right number for a contract. This is what scares me the most. Mookie could very easily say, “Yeah, trade me. I don’t want to be in Boston for the long-term if I can get more money elsewhere.” If that were the case, then the Red Sox best option is to trade him. Trade him to a team with a good farm system and has the money to pay him. One team to keep an eye on in the Mookie watch? The Los Angeles Dodgers. All in all, it will be quite the storyline that the Red Sox will have to deal with once the 2019 season comes to an end.

Dave Dombrowski

Dombrowski is for sure on the Red Sox hot seat. Yes, he brought Boston a World Series title last season and we’re appreciative of that. However, this team should be in contention every season and quite frankly right now: they’re not. A lot of the blame has been put on Dombrowski, so it’s fair to ask the question: will he be back in 2020? There are potential replacements that could easily fill his spot. It would look weird to get rid of the guy who put together a World Series roster the year before. But hey, crazier things have happened!

The Whole Pitching Staff

The pitching will be heavily scrutinized going into 2020. Guys like Chris Sale and Nathan Eovaldi need to get back to their 2018 form for this team to have a chance at getting back to making a deep playoff run. Then of course, there’s the issue with the bullpen. Will the Red Sox make a trade for a closer? Will they sign somebody? They need to do something because the closer role is still heavily undetermined. Why not add a few other bullpen pieces while you’re at it? The whole pitching staff needs to do something different going into next season. Otherwise, a repeat of 2019 looks pretty promising.

In Conclusion

There’s a lot to look at going into next season. This Red Sox team has the talent on paper to continue to be good for the next few seasons. Stay tuned Red Sox fans. It’s going to be quite the ride, so strap yourselves in!

-Alan Nahigian

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