Day: August 15, 2019

The Best-rated Guide to Online Betting in Malaysia.

The betting industry in Malaysia has been evolving over the past 10 years. And today, there is significant revolution of an online casino; which is influencing the way people play and interact. Alot has changed, and there is the development of high-end activities in the industry. Also, there is a need to understand that finding […]

Gillette Stadium Parking Initiative Leaves Mixed Reviews

Gillette Stadium has just announced that they will be providing free parking to fans for Patriots home games this season. The move is an effort to alleviate traffic to and from all home games, an effort to ease traffic heading in and out of Foxborough. The Details Ticket holders will be allowed to register for […]

Chris Sale vs The Other Pitchers to Have Seven 200+ Strikeout Seasons

Chris Sale is among an elite 16 pitchers who have had seven seasons of 200+ strikeout in a year. He has also accomplished this feat in seven straight years! While he hasn’t been great recently, I have no doubt that he will bounce back to star form and possibly add on an eighth in the […]

Uprising’s DPS starter Blase Interview

Boston Uprising’s starting DPS player Jeffrey “Blase” Tsang has been waiting all season to do what he was signed to the team to do. As a hitscan specialist, the American born player, like other DPS players across the Overwatch League, was stuck on Brigitte all season. With the introduction of role lock, Blase was finally […]

Uprising Stage 4 Week 4 Preview: Mayhem and Valiant

Thursday, August 15th @ 7pm: Florida Mayhem Saturday, August 17th @ 4:45pm: LA Valiant For the benefit of the mental health of Uprising fans out there’s reading this, we’ll rip the band-aid right here at the start and acknowledge the playoffs are done. Yes, there are statistical probabilities that could pave a route to the […]