Celtics have until Oct. 21st to Extend Jaylen Brown rookie contract

Celtics have until Oct. 21st to Extend Jaylen Brown rookie contract

The NBA recently released its 2019-20 schedule, giving us a plethora of dates to prepare ourselves for. The stuff we don’t see is the extra dates they give to NBA front offices, including the deadline to extend rookie contracts. On a list of 18 eligible players, Jaylen Brown is the name Celtics fans need to watch. As the date of October 21st looms over Danny Ainge and co., here’s what you need to know

What does a rookie extension do?

What many of you are probably wondering is why it’s important to get a rookie extension done. Jaylen Brown is headed into his forth and final year of his initial rookie deal. At the end of this year, barring an extension, Brown will enter restricted free agency. This means he can talk to and negotiate with other teams, but the C’s have the last chance to match any contract offered to him. An extension would guarantee Brown would remain with the team and prevents him from reaching RFA status. This extension also would theoretically pay Jaylen the money he feels he deserves

Why should the Celtics want this?

There is a multitude of reasons the Celtics should want to extend Jaylen Brown before October. For starters, Jaylen Brown has become a sort-of hot commodity in the league. Teams like the Grizzlies and Suns were inquiring about Brown’s trade status during the 2019 NBA Draft. His ability to score on offense, as well as play above-average defense, has made NBA Executives around the league interested. If the Celtics let Brown go to free agency, a team like the Grizzlies could give him a contract too bloated for Boston to match, just to pry him away. The other reason to extend Brown is his potential. His run in the 2018 NBA Playoffs were a taste of his ability in Brad Steven’s offense. With Brown looking to get a large share of the minutes this season, he may grow into a star player in this league. If the Celtics don’t pay him, some team will. Letting a talented player like Jaylen Brown go may come back to haunt the C’s in the future.

What would it cost?

The most important question in professional sports: What does it cost to keep our young star? The recent string of NBA has made it difficult to put a certain price tag on a potential young star. A good one to compare Brown to is the recently-extended Draymond Green. Green is the heart of Golden State’s defense and has been an adequate shot-creator on the other side of the floor. Jaylen Brown is similar in the respect of being an above-average defender. While not that same level of defender, Brown is a far better shooter and scorer than Green. Draymond is also 29 years old. Brown is a young 22, with his best years ahead of him. Green recently signed a four-year, $100 million dollar contract extension this July. Brown should be looking for a comparable number to that. Be sure to mark your calendars for 10/21 as an important date for the Celtics and Jaylen Brown this season.

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