Bill Belichick should develop the next quarterback for the Patriots

Bill Belichick should develop the next quarterback for the Patriots

Bill Belichick needs to develop the quarterback that replaces Tom Brady

Tom Brady is 42 and in his 20th season with the Patriots. Bill Belichick has only won Super Bowls with him at quarterback. There is no quarterback Belichick would rather have than Brady. However, if there was a chance to groom the next quarterback and win with him Belichick would. Belichick’s legacy is pretty much stamped with his defensive mind and having Brady as the quarterback. He drafted Brady in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft. He gave him a chance during the 2001 regular season when Drew Bledsoe got hurt. Belichick knew Brady was special, though, and saw the potential. Brady wound up leading the Patriots to their first Super Bowl victory, and has won six in all since then.

Belichick tried that with drafting Jimmy Garoppolo

In 2014, Belichick drafted Jimmy Garoppolo. That is when Belichick had his chance to groom the next guy to replace Brady. However, Brady stepped it up big time and led the Patriots to their fourth Super Bowl. He went on to win another one before Jimmy Garoppolo was traded to the San Francisco 49ers. Now with Brady a free agent at the end of the season, would Belichick want to keep winning with his old QB? Or does he want to groom the next quarterback so when he himself retires they are in a good spot.

Belichick should be the one picking the quarterback, not anybody else. This is pretty much Belichick’s system. And yes he’s drafted career backups before, from Ryan Mallett to Jacoby Brissett. However, Belichick knows the difference between who’s going to be a backup and who’s going to be a starter. Belichick could potentially really stamp his own legacy by drafting a quarterback and winning a Super Bowl with him. It would also be good for Josh McDaniels, or whoever takes over as head coach.

Is Jarrett Stidham the next quarterback for the Patriots?

I really don’t think Robert Kraft wants anyone drafting and developing the next quarterback other than Bill Belichick. He doesn’t want the Patriots before Brady was drafted, he wants to continue the success of the Patriots for many years to come with a stable successful quarterback. Who knows how many years Belichick has left coaching. But if it’s only three then this could be Brady’s last year, and I do think that he’ll retire at the end of the season.

We saw the debut of Jarrett Stidham last week in Detriot. We saw a calm guy in the pocket making throws and plays. Yes, it was against the second and third-string, but he’s way more developed than the Lions second-string quarterback. Who knows if he will be the next guy after Brady retires, but we do know that in the short time he’s been here Stidham has developed quickly, and that’s because of the system Belichick has set up with the Patriots. If Stidham is the next guy for the Patriots he’s off to a great start, but if not Belichick should be drafting and developing the next guy before he retires.

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