What to Expect from Celtics rookie Romeo Langford

What to Expect from Celtics rookie Romeo Langford

Romeo Langford was the 14th overall pick by the Celtics in the NBA Draft. Due to a thumb injury in college, Langford hasn’t been playing or been very active in camps. As such, he’s become the forgotten one in an exceptional group of rookies. Here’s what to expect from the wing prospect in this upcoming 2019-20 season.

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1. Reliable Scoring Threat

Romeo Langford was the #7 overall recruit out of high school, and for good reason. He has a nice, flowing shooting stroke that is effective at any range. Langford’s not a volume shooter, but he can score with his midrange at a high clip. His biggest offensive weapon is his driving ability. Langford combines explosiveness with a deep bag of tricks to create problems for defenses. His willingness to pass and off-ball slashing continue to make him a mismatch for slow-moving wings. He can come off the bench and instantly put up 8-12 points in a hurry.

2. Team Player

Romeo Langford suffered a thumb injury early on in his collegiate career. His coaches made an ill-advised decision to force him to play through it. Langford didn’t complain or resist, he just kept playing and tried to win games. This was a huge sign of Langford’s ability to play for the team, regardless of circumstance. This is a big reason we can expect to see him often this season. brad Stevens values hard-nosed team players highly. That attitude will earn Langford rotational minutes once he’s healthy.

3. Potential Defensive stud

Langford is a high motor guy who’s biggest knock was his defense. Not for lack of trying, but he had a very hard time slowing opponent’s scoring. He has all the tools to succeed, with ideal length, athleticism, and conditioning. The Celtics have done well developing players into quality defenders in their system. With all the groundwork laid out, Stevens could mold Langford into an All-Defensive team member. His explosiveness could help him cover guys like Zack LaVine and Donovan Mitchell who score off of their own explosiveness. Overall, Langford will be freed from his lottery-pick hype due to his injury. This leads to no pressure, and thus gives Langford a solid chance to make an impact as a rookie.

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