Possible Red Sox President of Baseball Operations Replacements

Possible Red Sox President of Baseball Operations Replacements

Let’s face the music folks, the Red Sox are most likely not making the playoffs. Unless the Red Sox make a run in August and September, they will most likely be looking forward to the 2020 season. One story line that has been floating around is the future of Dave Dombrowski. Dombrowski has done what we’ve asked of him: bring Boston a World Series title. The scouting report on Dombrowski is very simple: he’s not afraid of making the big trade. However, your farm system and bullpen will be very below average once his tenure is complete. Well… the Red Sox farm system and bullpen aren’t great at the moment, and Dombrowski has one year left on his deal. Some have even said that Dave Dombrowski could be fired after this season. If that were to happen, who might be in line to run the Red Sox Baseball Operations for years to come?

Tony Mazz might be onto something here. Let’s take a look at these potential names for replacing Dombrowski as President of Baseball Operations.

J.P. Ricciardi

One name that has been on the Red Sox radar for a very long time has been J.P. Ricciardi. The first thing to notice about Ricciardi is that he is a Worcester, Massachusetts native. I’m not saying that little tidbit of information is crucial to the job, but it doesn’t hurt having some hometown routes as an advantage. He also was a general manager for the Toronto Blue Jays for eight seasons. Granted, those Blue Jays teams never won 90 games in a given season, and finished second in the division only once (2006). But the experience is crucial. He has also served as a Special Advisor to the President of Baseball Operations for the Mets, and now currently for the Giants. He seems to fit the bill pretty well if “Dealin’ Davey” is run out of town.

Theo Epstein

This is more of a pipe dream than actual reality. But think about this for a second. The Cubs have been going backwards ever since they won the World Series in 2016. The window is closing for winning there. If he came back to Boston, he would have complete control over how to get this team back to consistently making the playoffs. He’s won in Boston before, and he can do it again with this group. Larry Lucchino is gone in baseball operations, which means there won’t be friction like there might have been in the past. Honestly, it’s a pretty good case to present to Theo if he’s looking to get out of Chicago. It’s not a bad idea to ask about the guy who broke two of baseball’s most famous curses!

Billy Beane

This might be even more of a reach than Epstein. We all know Billy Beane turned down the Red Sox once. Would he do it twice in a lifetime? Look at what Beane has done with the Athletics on one of the lowest payrolls in the MLB. Last time I checked, the A’s are contending for a Wild Card spot. Imagine what Beane could do with the Red Sox and all of that money to spend? This is something to potentially look into for the long-term.

In Conclusion

It looks like Dombrowski is out the door very soon. I am appreciative of what he did for the Red Sox, but it might be time to move on to the next person in charge. This Red Sox team is too talented to be playing like this. They have the players and manager in place. The guy in charge of putting the team together might be the change that this organization needs. We’ll see what happens, so stay tuned!

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