They Hate us ‘Cause They Ain’t Us

They Hate us ‘Cause They Ain’t Us

Unless you’re from one of the six New England states and perhaps New Orleans and St. Louis, both of which have their axes to grind with the LA Rams, then you cannot stand the sight of another Patriots Super Bowl. An appearance is bad enough but another ring on Tom Terrific’s finger is a notion too ghastly to imagine. Schadenfreude is deriving pleasure in another’s pain or misfortune, which is something New England fans have become all too adept. If you’re a fan of professional wrestling, Patriots Nation is now the heel, in the eyes of football fans everywhere. We’re the bad guys because we win, and win, then win some more. Although the detractors try to use any excuse or contrivance to diminish the reign of terror that Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have wrought,  these past 18 years, we know that’s just a loose thread on a Patriots’ coat of armor.

Heading into this Super Sunday, we see that some of the best online sportsbooks like BetOnline, found over at Sportsbook Review, are dealing the Pats as 2 ½ point favorites over the stunningly lucky LA Rams. If you’re a homer and bet the Patriots no matter the opponent, the weather conditions, the venue, or the spread then your bet is already made. However, there are others who are Patriots fans, as well as sharp bettors, who don’t blindly back the Pats each and every time they suit up. Oftentimes, those loyal New England fans will pass the game rather than bet the opposition because what fun is making money at the peril of your hometown heroes?

But this time is different. Even the sharpest bettors who also happen to be fans of TB12, the Evil Genius, and the dynasty that Kraft built, are squarely on the side of destiny. Sure, it sounds hokey but there is something about this season that makes it all that much sweeter. The public derision of a dynasty on the precipice, as the rest of the NFL danced with pitchforks and lanterns ready to slay the monster, only to see it rise from its shallow grave and vanquish those who dared to dream New England’s empire was no more.

Self-described pundits like Max “Cliff’ Kellerman, who has repeated ad nauseum that Brady’s decline is imminent, and the fall of the Patriots would soon follow, revealed in each Patriots loss this season as it seemed his premature prophecy (five years premature for that matter), would finally come to fruition. Well then Max, get a load of this. In Brady’s MVP season of a year ago at age 40, he threw for 4577 yards passing, 32 touchdowns, 8 interceptions, a 66.3 completion percentage and a total quarterback rating of 70.6 (remember that number). In 2018, at the decrepit age of 41, Tom Terrific tossed for over 4300 yards passing, 29 touchdowns, 11 interceptions, a 65.8 completion percentage, and a total quarterback rating of…70.6. Yeah, Max, Brady fell right over that cliff and into an eternal abyss. What a crock!

Keep trying haters. Eventually, Brady will act his age but until that day comes, you were wrong way back then, you were wrong this season and you’re gonna be wrong on Sunday. Jared Goff and the Juggernauts will have their day in the sun but right now, the team that refuses to lose is the New England Patriots and they still feel the sting of unfinished business from last season. Tom’s other hand needs a ring and the Patriots’ fans want another title. After all, it’s been over three months since Boston has been without a championship. Haven’t we suffered long enough?