Month: January 2019

Speech on the Importance of Sports In Our Life

Sport and health are inextricably linked. Modern life in terms of technical progress, with the advent of computers, smartphones, etc., makes it easier for a person to exist, and, consequently, physical activity is sharply reduced. Immobility is the cause of various diseases. Therefore, sports activities have a significant impact on human health. It can be […]


Wanted: Patriots Coaches on the Carousel

Storied franchises like the New England Patriots have a distinct aroma as opposed to the wretched stench of perennial losers like Arizona, Tampa Bay, Oakland, and Detroit. And because the wafting scent of winning is an aphrodisiac to owners who want what Robert Kraft has, the natural inclination is to reach out and poach someone. […]


The Patriots Will Electrify the Bolts on Sunday

Pats fans will tell anyone who will listen that Tom Brady and company will beat any and all comers no matter the team, the year, or the prevailing circumstances surrounding such an occasion. It’s just what fans in New England do because they’ve been right so more often than not, over the past two decades. […]


Pats Silence the Critics and Ready to Invade Arrowhead!

Sunday’s 41-28 win over the Chargers is about as good as it gets for any dyed-in-the-wool Pats’ fan. It was redemption punctuated by a stellar performance from a New England offense that was already proclaimed DOA before the game began. All the talking heads, self-appointed experts, and football pundits were gleefully extolling the end of […]